The Emerging Podcasting Ecosystem, What "Money Printer Goes Brr" Means & Questioning Remote-Worker Pay-Equality

What I Learned at "School" this Week

Happy Friday (Evening) Friends!

There is a noticeable increase in the number of moving trucks in San Francisco these days. Though, personally, I am getting a renewed energy of those who are here in the city, while simultaneously doubling-down on my “digital community” (given the current SIP laws).

However, to me, SF currently has the energy of a college campus in the Summer. Sure, it’s (a good bit) more empty. But, the people who are here are much closer and there’s a renewed sense of love for the choice to be here - even if that means hanging out at the park in socially distant circles.

Hopefully you learn something from the topics that captured my attention this past week…

  1. To Procrastinate or Not to Procrastinate

  2. Breaking Addiction is Socially Unacceptable

    This is a heavy topic. But I believe pretty much everyone struggles with addiction, in one form or another. Maybe your addiction is coffee, or that little screen in your pocket that nags you to look at it all day long, or some other substance/activity.

    Whatever your addiction is, I found this 2 minute “podcast” by Naval, to be a fascinating take on why it’s “socially unacceptable” to break an addiction.

  3. Currency Inflation as the Government Prints More Money

    Here’s a hilariously simple summary on the topic.

    Note: this is obviously from the viewpoint of a crypto-enthusiast.

  4. How Should Employers Pay Employees, as Remote Work Becomes the Norm

    Facebook, Shopify, Spotify, Twitter, Square and others have announced indefinite work from home policies. An interesting debate stemming from these announcements:

    Should a salary amount ignore where a worker is or is not, or should salaries account for local conditions, plus or minus?

    Here are a few of my thoughts and comments I found useful, on the subject.

  5. Spotify Signs Exclusive Deal with the World’s Biggest Podcast

    Allegedly, the deal put between $100M+ in Joe Rogan’s pocket, for total exclusivity on Spotify’s platform, starting in 2021.

    And yet, some think Joe Rogan got ripped off. Here’s a counter-argument.

    If you want to dig in further, Nathan Baschez (formerly Substack, Gimlet Media) wrote an amazing piece on the quickly changing podcast ecosystem: The open podcast ecosystem is dying — here’s how to save it.

Happy (long) weekend.

Grateful for those who fought - especially those who lost their lives - so that I could experience the immense freedom that I have in my life, every single day.


Brendan J Short